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“Kaboom” is three minutes and fifty-four seconds long. Released August 26, 2022. Bandcamp Spotify Apple Other Lyrics This wind is not enough To carry us across With a sail full of gaping holes And a hold full of banned scrolls Looking out across the bow I can watch that ziggurat Penetrate the thunderclouds Thinking out loud Boom kaboom kaboom The lightning now The lightning now Boom kaboom kaboom...

August 26, 2022


The pursuit of purpose is the continuous realignment of life with the soul’s evolutionary trajectory. In each incarnation, we are called to discover these soular themes, to develop them further, and to apply them in service to others. Intuition This process is facilitated by the development of intuition. In order to discern the keynotes of purpose in life, we learn to feel into experience, distinguishing the affinities of the soul from the desires of the personality....

August 9, 2022


Prana is the vital life force animating and governing mind and body. Various yogic breathing techniques can be leveraged in order to stimulate this flow of subtle energy. The first step is to become more conscious of our breathing in daily life. When our breath is rapid and shallow, we perpetuate states of high cortisol and we activate our fight-or-flight response (the sympathetic nervous system). When we habituate slower and deeper breathing patterns, we work towards stabilizing states of calm and healing....

July 16, 2022

Systems for Creativity

The most common obstacle to creativity is “blank page syndrome”, or the sensation that there are so many potential starting points that choosing and commiting to one course of action feels impossible. We often convince ourselves that ideas should spring forth fully-formed from the blank canvas of our mind, but this expectation is unrealistic. In fact, the greatest creative minds throughout history have borrowed ideas and used tricks and techniques to facilitate progress....

July 6, 2022


Our neurological profile has a significant impact on well-being, experience, physical health and behavior. Autism spectrum in particular has a high comorbidity rate with: ADHD OCD Anxiety Depression Bipolar Gastrointestinal problems Sleep issues Disorded eating Seizures Autoimmune diseases Allergies and asthma Metabolic disorder Autism spectrum can be difficult to detect, especially in adults. Here are some resources for self-diagnosis: Spectrum-Quiz RAADS-R CAT-Q Resources for individuals on the spectrum:...

July 1, 2022

Mindfulness and Concentration

Mindfulness of the breath is a beginner’s meditation practice which requires skill in concentration. By developing this discipline, we become more present with our experience and improve our quality of life. These practices reduce anxiety and assist in developing resilience to life’s difficulties, setting a foundation for deeper contemplative experiences and additional growth. Training in concentration is challenging at first, but we quickly learn to enjoy it, looking forward to our time “on the cushion” each day....

June 21, 2022

Conversation With Chris Staples

Chris Staples invited me to talk with him on his Old Friend Podcast. He’s a great guy and a phenomenal songwriter/musician. Check out the conversation and give Chris' songs a listen.

June 13, 2022

Know Thyself

One of the reasons we experience difficulties in life is that we behave in ways that are counter to our nature. When we know ourselves, we make choices and accommodations that prioritize our well-being, while optimizing the chances of positive outcomes. There are two primary areas of this work: personality and constitution. While everyone is unique in experience and circumstance, there are a finite number of constitutions and personality types....

June 7, 2022

Meditation and Dharma

Meditation The practice of meditation is a way of working with the mind by examining our experience. There is a wide variety of techniques to explore, but the following serves as a good overview of the path from the beginning to advanced practices. Mindfulness - The Path of Concentration In addition to helping us bring more mindfulness and awareness into our daily lives, concentration practice prepares the mind for deeper meditative experiences....

April 8, 2022


Five songs in seventeen minutes and three seconds. Released February 14, 2022. Bandcamp Spotify Apple Other

April 8, 2022